Our Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of women from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

The board is responsible for developing policy, liaising with the community and maintaining overall agency effectiveness.

Angela Renwick
Policy Advisor, Canada Energy Regulator

Aralee Heidt
Innovation and Research Project Officer, Bow Valley College

Ashley White
Corporate Commercial Lawyer

Christine Malarchuk
Team Lead, Finance, AltaGas Ltd.

Gabrielle Ellen Lindstrom
Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies, Mount Royal University

Jessica Howe
Manager, Operations Transformation – ER&I

Katie Shea
Hedging Advisor, Keyera

Linda Garratt
Lawyer, InterPipeline

Maliha Zaman
Engineer, Serafina Energy

Moremi Omotoso
Environmental Analyst, Canada Energy Regulator

Nicole Bastien
Clinical Counselor

Souhila Loucif
Operations Manager

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