Our 2013 Annual Report is now available online!

With 2014 nearly halfway through, the Women’s Centre has much to reflect on and share. A quick look back into some of the connections that were made and the communities that were strengthened over the past year can be found in our 2013 Annual Report.

Inside the report you’ll find highlights of the results of our work with over 5,900 women. Proving that 2013 was another eventful year for us, women came to access our services upwards of 176 times each day. When we asked those women to describe how the Centre, its staff, its volunteers, and its donors had impacted their lives, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. “Support,” “diversity,” “safety,” and an “increased connection to community” were but a few of the keywords by which our success has been measured.

Click to download.
Click to download.

The Annual Report also highlights the Make One Change event, which was attended by over 200 women, 19 grassroots organizations, and a series of special presenters last June. For one day, women were able to come together and discuss, exchange, and engage with the issues that impact women in and around our community every day. More information on this event and how we plan to carry the knowledge we gained forward can be found inside.

To learn more about our work in the community last year and to find out exactly how many staff, volunteers, and donors make running the Women’s Centre possible, please access your copy of our 2013 Annual Report here.

Blog post written by Women’s Centre volunteer, Jessica.

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