Share Your Story

This year marks the Women’s Centre’s 20th anniversary. For the last two decades we have been a space for women to get assistance, connect with others, and work for change in our community.

We are collecting stories from our community members to discover the impact the Women’s Centre has had on their lives. What is a special story or memory you have about the Women’s Centre? Did you meet a new friend? Receive the help you needed? Gain a new skill? You could share a funny interaction, something you learned about in your favourite workshop, how the Centre makes you feel, or anything you would like us to know.

These stories will be made public, as we will be using them for Women’s Centre promotions, fundraising, and during special events. If you prefer to remain anonymous you do not need to provide your name or any other identifiable information. We acknowledge that you own your personal stories and we would be honoured if you would be willing to share. If you would not like to participate we support you in that decision.

Click here to share your story.

If you prefer another method of sharing your story, you can visit the Centre to chat with Taylor, our Communications Summer Student. You can also contact her at 403-264-115 or

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our community, we hope to hear from you!