The Numbers

In 2015, the Women’s Centre of Calgary:

  • Responded to more than 87,000 contacts from women.
  • Provided direct assistance with basic needs 14,588 times.
  • Made 5,141 basic need referrals and advocacy calls.
  • Provided 295 workshops covering topics such as health & wellness, arts & crafts, and professional development.
  • Women participated 701 times in a variety of groups such as Practice English and Community Group for women with developmental disabilities.
  • Provided 86 Legal Advice Clinics accessed 237 times.
  • Completed 628 tax returns for women.
  • Made 28,993 peer support, information and follow-up contacts.
  • Welcomed 12,739 attendees to make social connections and build community.
  • Welcomed women to use our computers and office equipment 15,391 times.
  • Coordinated 6,523 attendees to community development coalitions and events.


Every year we ask women who use the Centre to fill out surveys to tell us how we are doing and how they feel about the Centre. In 2015, we received feedback from 1,493 women.

The Centre achieved the following outcomes:

  • 98% of workshop participants report they learned something they wanted to know
  • 97% of women using the Centre report they feel safe at the Women’s Centre
  • 95% of legal advice clinic respondents report they know their next steps and 90% report they feel more in control
  • 94% of women report they are treated with respect at the Women’s Centre
  • 88% of women report feeling at home or a sense of belonging at the Women’s Centre
  • 86% of women coming to the Centre report they get support when they need it
  • 81% of women said they have used knowledge gained at the Women’s Centre
  • 98% of women said they met someone new or connected with a friend
  • 99% of women said they would recommend a workshop they attended to a friend
  • 80% of women report they feel they are given options when they come for assistance
  • 80% of women met people at the Women’s Centre they would not normally meet
  • 80% of women said they increased their community involvement by being involved with the Centre
  • 75% of women report they know more about women’s issues
  • 69% of respondents said they know more about resources in the community

In 2015, we responded to:

  • 87,101 contacts from women: 64% were made in person and 36% by phone and email. Women came in to the Centre to access our services 238 times every day. In addition, women phoned or emailed the Centre 135 times every day.

At the Women’s Centre, we are a diverse community of women:

  • 31% are Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit or Métis
  • 21% are immigrants or refugees
  • 12% are visible minorities
  • 5% are lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer
  • 16% are living with a disability
  • 6% are seniors

And many of us experience the following challenges:

  • 29% are single mothers
  • 29% have a chronic health issue (e.g. mental health, disability, chronic disease)
  • 25% are, or have been, in a violent relationship
  • 45% are dealing with poverty
  • 24% are, or have been, homeless
  • 10% have been in the criminal justice system